Non-Archimedean & Tropical Geometry
MARCH 31 - APRIL 6, 2013

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Equal with colleagues in a ring
I sit on each calm evening,
Enchanted as the flowers
The opening light draws out of hiding
From leaves with all its dove-like pleading
Its logic and its powers.

The later we, though parted then
Fear gave his watch no look;
The lion griefs loped from the shade
And on our knees their muzzles laid
And death put down his book

-W. H. Auden, June 1933
This symposium will focus on setting a clear agenda for future developments in the related fields of tropical and nonarchimedean analytic geometry. One of the goals of the meeting will be to produce high quality expository material presenting the methods, results, and ambitions of these active research areas. Another will be to identify problems in other fields of mathematics that could be amenable to tropical and nonarchimedean analytic methods and establish new rigorous links with those neighboring fields.
Topics to be discussed include: (1) specialization inequalities and correspondence theorems for curves, along with potential generalizations to higher dimensional varieties; (2) the recent work of Chambert-Loir and Ducros, which among other things iprovides a nonarchimedean analogue of the Poincar´e-Lelong formula ddc log |f| = div(f); (3) applications of tropical methods to Brill-Noether theory and mirror symmetry; and (4) links between tropical geometry and motivic integration.
We plan to have organized lectures in the mornings, providing background material for the various topics to be discussed, followed by discussion time in the afternoons and informal presentations in the evenings.